Teen Coaching

Teen Coaching

There are countless stressors in the life of teenagers, not to mention adults (parents, teachers, coaches) telling them what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Not many of them are equipped with the recommended necessities that researchers are advising; for example, a viable source who can point them in the right direction while also creating and executing strategies for reaching their goals. As a Certified Master’s Life Coach for graduating teens, young adults and millennials, this is exactly what I specialize in. I’ve designed programs which helps them manage stress while building self-confidence, self-reliance and familiarity with their strengths, weaknesses and values.

How To Make Coaching Work?

My coaching sessions are weekly, one-hour sessions (in-person or virtual) designed to help people address the belief systems, affirmations and goals in their lives. What belief systems are helping? What affirmations are really true or false? And if the goals they have set are reachable, realistic or attainable? Coaching can only be successful if a trustworthy and committed relationship is established between the coach and client! And I’ve discovered that addressing belief systems, affirmations and goals while establishing accountability is the blueprint for successful coaching endeavors.

Expected Results

Nothing fascinates or encourages me more than a parent or a teen reporting positive results from coaching sessions! I’m talking about viable and sustainable shifts in communication between parent and child, motivation to press forward, and an unshakeable happiness that’s life-changing! I look here teens and parents of teens confess that they’re finally happy and convinced beyond a shadow of the doubt that their goals are achievable, realistic and within reach!

Therapy or Coaching

Therapy is not Coaching and Coaching is not Therapy! First and foremost, therapy is about diagnosing, treatment and cures while coaching is about awakening something that’s lying dormant inside of you. Therapy also addresses disorders while coaching addresses order in your life. Therapy could also include the use of medication for treatment of illnesses or diseases. Coaching doesn’t address illnesses or diseases, it addresses methods for preventing these situations. In coaching, the client(s) and coach work as a team to figure out solutions predicated upon actual life events and challenges. In Coaching, the Client has the Power and the Coach has the Push for Accountability!

I Like That! How About You? If So, Please Take Advantage of My Complimentary Phone Consultation which Will Help Determine if You or Your Teen Needs Can Be Met through My Services! Also, Don’t Forget to Visit the Coaching Packages Page for a Detail Breakdown of the Provided Programs! Thank You in Advance!

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